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  Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather and Local Media Links

Information can be obtained from the following local radio and television stations, please check on any of the websites below for school delay or cancellation announcements.

WHP 580 AM


WHP - TV21  and  CW TV15


Most media stations provide email/phone alert services that will notify you of school closings and delays.


In general, permission for dismissal of school or any grade may be given only by the administration.

In case of inclement weather such as ice, snow or an emergency situation, school may be closed or may be dismissed early. Due to the fact that Holy Name of Jesus does not provide its own bussing, we must follow cancellation/early dismissal based on the school districts. Since Central Dauphin School District provides the bussing for the majority of our students, Central Dauphin will determine whether our school will be open or closed. Holy Name of Jesus School will announce any delays or closing. If Central Dauphin School District is closed or is dismissing early, Holy Name of Jesus School is also closed or dismissing early by school districts. Please remember that in case of early dismissal, each school district will have different times for pick up. If Central Dauphin has a 2-hour delay, there will be no morning Preschool.

PLEASE NOTE: In most cases, Central Dauphin will say that they are dismissing 1 or 2 hours early.

This means that Holy Name of Jesus will also dismiss those students 1 or 2 hours early. However, Central Dauphin may say that they are dismissing students at a given time, such as 1:30. In this case, please remember that Central Dauphin provides busing first for the public high schools, then the private schools and then the elementary schools. Holy Name of Jesus will fall under the private schools, therefore, dismissal could be at 2:00 or 2:30 instead of 1:30 as stated by the media.

However, if you live in another school district other than Central Dauphin, and that school district has a delay or is closed, busing will not be provided and parents are asked to drive children to and from school. If other school districts are dismissing early, then Holy Name of Jesus School will dismiss only those students early. Busing is provided in this case.

In case of a need for early emergency school dismissals, students may be dismissed when parents come to the school office with this request.

School buses will be provided to take students home. Both radio and television stations will be informed so that announcements inform parents concerning the particulars of the emergency - time of dismissal and changes involved in the regular runs of students' bus or van transportation home.

Information about emergency dismissals for school districts other than Central Dauphin will be made over the same radio and television stations.

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