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  After School Program

Holy Name of Jesus School has an After School Program for our school students! 

For information about this program, and to obtain the registration forms
please click on the link below to download/print the current Handbook.



The purpose of the After School Program is to provide quality childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. Activities are geared toward social skills, homework help, recreation and physical activities, and Christian character development. Consistent with the mission of the school, this after school service represents a community in which staff and children grow together as a faith community in an atmosphere that fosters love and respect for each person. Parents who work can be assured that their children will continue their after school hours in a Christian atmosphere consistent with their school days.



Social Hall – Monday through Friday

Secondary Building Room 218 – On days when there are scheduled events in the Social Hall. You will be notified ahead of time when this occurs.


Daily Schedule

3:30 - Snacks, restroom, change clothing (for recess later, weather permitting)

4:15 - Homework followed by recess (September, October, April, and May)

- Recess followed by homework (November, December, January, February, and March)

5:00 - Activity for those who finish homework early (activities listed below)

6:00 - Closing



Some activities that the children may participate in, especially during cold winter months, may include the following:

Character and team building exercises and games which are based in Christian values, scripture verses and stories

Conflict resolution and social skills training program

Theme based crafts and activities that enrich the studies of other cultures, historical events and current events

Reading incentive programs

Computer activities



Daily snacks will be provided and will consist of fruits, vegetables or breakfast cereal. No peanut butter or peanut butter product will be served. Please do not send an individual snack with your child/ren. However, if you would like to provide a snack for the entire group, please feel free to do so. Notify the After School Program staff prior to when you would like to provide a snack.



The After School Program is supervised by the Teachers and Staff of Holy Name of Jesus School.




Explanation of Days-In-Session/Not-In-Session

The After School Program provides services from 3:30pm until 6:00 pm. The program offers services ONLY on the days Holy Name of Jesus School is open for scheduled FULL days. Services will not be provided on half days, holidays, early dismissals, or any other day Holy Name of Jesus needs to close before 3:00 pm. Note: If school is in session, there will be no After School Program on the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday.



The tuition for the program will be determined each year during the registration period. The After School Program charges a $50.00 registration fee. This is a one-time per family, non-refundable fee. The fee will need to be repaid if a family withdraws a child and wants to re-register.

Program space is provided on a first-come first-serve basis each year. The program has a limited enrollment. A waiting list will be maintained for the current school year only.

The Fee Schedule for the After School Program is:

First Child: $10.00 per day (e.g. $50.00-per week, $100.00-two weeks, $200.00-per month, etc.)

Each additional child: $8.00 per day (e.g. for 2 children $90.00-per week, $180.00-two weeks, $360.00-per month)

There are no refunds for absences. Enrollment must be full time. Payments may be made monthly (by the 1st of the month), biweekly (by the 15th of the month), or weekly, but must always remain current. The first payment will be due on September 1 and the last payment will be May 1. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. All checks should be made out to Holy Name of Jesus and sent to the school office in an envelope marked "After School Program".

Payment is considered past due after three (3) school days beyond the payment due date. The After School Program reserves the right to terminate services after 30 days of nonpayment or repeated late payments for the services rendered.

The After School Program charges a $20.00 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds. Any other charges incurred by the program due to a return check will be added to the parent’s account.


Late Pickup Fee

There is a late pickup fee of $1.00 per minute after 6:00 pm. The late fee is collected at that time. Consistent lateness and failure or refusal to pay the late fees may result in the removal of the child from the program.



All students will pay to attend full time, although full time attendance is not mandatory. On each day that your child is not in attendance, the After School Program staff must be notified. For the safety of your child, we must know that he/she is not with us; he/she is safely in your care or at another activity. This rule will be strictly enforced. If your child is absent from school for the day, the Health Room Staff will notify us.


Please write a note addressed to "After School Program" and send it to your child’s homeroom teacher if:

your child leaves early due to illness or appointment;

your child simply will not be attending that day;

your child has another after-school activity such as football or majorettes;

we need to release your child to attend an activity and will attend the After School Program late.

We will take attendance at the start of each after-school day and need to account for each student.

Child Pickup

The following provisions are made for the safe and secure departure of all children and for their release only to authorized individuals:

All children must leave from classroom or premises.

Parent, guardian or authorized individual must sign the child out each day.

Children will be released only to those persons strictly specified on the Family Information Sheet.

Some form of photo identification and a note sent in advance may be required if the individual is not familiar to the staff.

If an emergency does arise, a parent must call the program to inform the staff of an alternate individual. Photo ID will be required. The child will not be released to any individual without custodial parental consent. It is vital to keep the program notified of any changes in pickup time or individual in writing and in advance.


All children enrolled in the After School Program are expected to adhere to all rules, policies, and code of behavior established and stated in the Holy Name of Jesus School Handbook. All children are expected to understand and behave in accordance with any additional rules, policies, or code of behavior established by the After School Program.

A child may not leave the designated program area without staff approval or parental accompaniment.

Respect other children, staff, volunteers or anyone involved in the program.

Speak/express ideas in a courteous and respectful manner.

Respect all program materials and facilities.

Reimburse the After School Program for lost or damaged material.

Help develop and maintain a safe and supportive environment for all individuals in the program.

Observe rules of Christian conduct. Willful physical harm done to another and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

Statement of Consequences

Students receiving three (3) behavior notices per trimester will be suspended from the After School Program for a period of five (5) consecutive after school days. Students who relinquish their responsibilities and violate our codes of behavior must be prepared to accept the consequences given by the Director. The After School Program reserves the right to remove any child from the program temporarily or permanently for serious violations of the code of behavior.


Enrollment File

The After School Program maintains information on each child enrolled in the program. The Family Information Sheet and After School Agreement are required and must be filled out and signed by the parent upon registration and enrollment. Please promptly inform one of the program directors of any changes in information (change of address, phone number, allergies, etc).



Representatives of the After School Program are NOT permitted to administer medication to a child. It is our policy that the parents administer all medication to their child/children outside the hours their child is enrolled in the program.

Children are NOT permitted to carry medication with them. If a child is injured while in the program, a staff member will notify the child’s parent/guardian as soon as possible and in accordance with information in the After School Program Agreement.






























Holy Name of Jesus School

After School Program

Initial Registration



I would like to enroll my child/children listed below in the Holy Name of Jesus After-School Program for the 2017-2018 school year. I would like my child/children to begin attending this program on ___________________________________.

A check for the registration fee of $50.00 payable to Holy Name of Jesus School with this form is enclosed.


Name/s of child/children

2017/2018 School Year


Parent/Guardian Name:

Please Print

Parent/Guardian Signature:



Home Phone Number:

Work Phone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

Please enclose this form with payment in an envelope marked "After School Program."

Thank you!



Check Number: __________________

Holy Name of Jesus School

After School Program

Family Information Sheet


Child/Children Enrolled and Medical Information

Child’s Name:



Child’s Name:



Child’s Name:



Child’s Name:



Child’s Name:



Physician’s Name and Phone Number:

Preferred Hospital:

Family Information

1. Mother/Guardian Name:



Home Phone Number:

Work Number:

Cell Number:

2. Father/Guardian Name:



Home Phone Number:

Work Number:

Cell Number:

Emergency Contact/Pick-up Persons:

In the case of an emergency where we are unable to contact the parent/guardian please list the names and phone numbers of person/s you would like us to contact.


Phone Number:


Phone Number:

My child has permission to be released to the following people (other than the custodial parents), without receiving a note or contacting me. I understand that a note and a confirmation phone call (and possibly a photo ID) will be required to release my child to anyone not on this list.





After School Program HANDBOOK

Previously registered students may begin this program on the first day of school.
New children to the program may attend on the same day as registration.
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